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So You Want To Be A DJ.
When working a bar or club, the owner, manager or
bartender may ask you to turn it up or down. Make
sure to please the people paying you, but if you think
going louder would make guests unhappy it's okay to
point that out to the bar manager. If they still insist,
again, they are the ones paying for your services, so
they are the ones that you need to keep happy.
Younger Audiences
When working an event with younger people, you
have to of course be mindful of the language in your
music. It's easy to forget that a song has inappropriate
lyrics, especially when the kids know the censored
radio version, but you may have the explicit version.
Closing Time...
When the gig is coming to an end, there are several
ways to close out. Some people have a certain song
they like to end with. However, especially if you are
working a regular, weekly gig, it becomes too
predictable. Customers will hear that song and
immediately feel disappointed that the night is over.
Another problem is ending on too high a note. If you
play something that really rocks as your last song, the
guests will not let you leave they will beg and plead
for just a few more songs.
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