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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Chapter 9: Karaoke
When you host a Karaoke gig, you generally will still
be performing as a DJ. If people decide that they want
to sing, you can accommodate them; however when
there are no singers you are still working as a DJ. You
will want to announce that Karaoke is available for
those who wish to sing, but if nobody comes up to
sing you should be prepared to play music as an
ordinary DJ.
You may have nights where you do nothing but
Karaoke, and other nights where you have no singers.
It depends on the crowd, the venue, and even the day
of the week. It can be rather unpredictable, so always
be prepared to simply be a DJ for the whole night if
Sometimes it helps to offer some incentive to get the
singing started. For example, you may announce that
you'll buy a drink for the first person to come up and
sing. Usually once one person sings, others will
follow nobody wants to be first.
You might instead choose to sing the first song
yourself; however, try to avoid singing too much
yourself as the host you are there for their
entertainment, so it's never good for the host to
dominate the microphone.
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