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So You Want To Be A DJ.
There are many additional considerations when
handling a Karaoke gig. For one, when you are just
DJing music, you can often walk away while a playlist
is playing. With Karaoke, however, you can't do this,
as you will have a live singer holding a microphone.
You have to be ready if the singer does something
such as causing unnecessary feedback or other
microphone noise.
As a rule of thumb, you should never walk away
while a guest is singing. You need to be ready to cut
them off if they say something inappropriate, or if
they cause feedback. I try to keep my right hand on or
near the microphone level control the entire time a
guest is singing. Walk away once, and you'll quickly
find out why this is important.
You also need to consider new guests. For example, if
a particular guest has already performed a couple of
songs, and someone new puts in a request, it is better
to let the new guy do his or her song next. This helps
retain repeat customers, and helps ensure that
newcomers feel special, as if you are paying special
attention to them.
Song Books
Complete song books are an essential item for the
Karaoke DJ. It is ideal to have at least two books
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