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So You Want To Be A DJ.
to put together, but in my experience, it is worth the
extra work.
One of the hardest parts is actually printing the list.
Some Karaoke software will include a feature to allow
you to print a list of your entire collection, but
depending on how your files are named and
organized, this doesn't always work.
It's best to look for a Karaoke hosting program that
does this task properly, but make sure to test this
feature before making a purchase. Be sure that the
formatting will work properly with your particular
music collection, your file-naming system, and your
New Songs This Week
When you obtain new music, it's a good idea to print a
“New This Week" page, including the date, and place
it in the front of your book. This way you don't need
to reprint the entire book every time you get new
music. If your collection is large, your book may be
over a hundred pages – and that's a lot of paper,
ink/toner, and sheet protectors.
You might also wish to create specific pages for
holiday events. I keep a sheet with Christmas songs,
one for Irish songs, and so on. I place them in the
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