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So You Want To Be A DJ.
It is your job to make the singer feel like a rockstar:
Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome Jennifer to
the stage!
After the performance, you might say something like:
That was fantastic let's give Jennifer a big
round of applause!
At this point you should pause for a few seconds and
allow the crowd to clap. Most people are polite and
will clap regardless of the performance. You should
do this no matter how bad you personally think they
were never
point out flaws in their
Instructing the Guests
One thing that can be difficult is instructing the guests
on things like how to handle the microphone, how to
face the audience, etc. These things can be awkward
to bring up, even when you know the client needs
some instruction to sound better.
It can be difficult to allocate time between songs to
inform your singers not to walk too close to the
speakers, not to breathe directly into the microphone,
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