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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Chapter 10: Handling the Crowd
One thing you may run into is an unruly crowd. At bar
gigs, often times you will get a group of young,
persistent guests with no tolerance for older music.
You might have one person who just insists on
hearing a really heavy, vulgar, or otherwise
inappropriate song.
The thing to remember is this: you are in the business
customer service
. This means that, despite your
natural urges, you have to attempt to handle the
situation gracefully. Even if the guest is using vulgar
language, you can't retaliate with the same behavior. If
it becomes a problem, find a manager, owner, or
someone else in charge and inform them about the
guest's inappropriate behavior.
I was actually
once at a bar gig. I was playing a
lot of '80s music, mostly by request, and I went on to
make a couple of announcements. I said:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to so-and-so
bar, my name is DJ J-Man...
I was rudely interrupted by a younger group who,
apparently, didn't like the '80s music. One of them
yelled “BOO!!!", while the others laughed.
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