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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Inappropriate Requests
Sometimes it's easy to overlook the meaning behind a
song. One example that really made me think about
each and every song request happened a few years
ago. I was working a benefit to raise money for a local
woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The
outlook wasn't very good, but she made a point to
show up to the benefit. We were raising money to
help with medical expenses, and of course my time
was volunteered as this was a person close to me.
A guest, a younger guy, was very persistent about
Knocking on Heaven's Door
. If you pay
attention to the song, it is a song about being near
death. Obviously, this is not a song you want to play
during a benefit for someone dying of cancer.
I really do not believe the guest intended for the song
to be insulting to the guest of honor, rather he didn't
realize how people might interpret the song if it were
played at this particular benefit. Once I explained to
the guest that the song wouldn't be appropriate and
why, he understood and even apologized.
Another situation you may run into is the guest who
gives you a big tip, and then expects personal service.
They may insist that you play a song for them,
because they gave you a dollar and you owe them
now. It may be tempting to give them their tip money
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