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So You Want To Be A DJ.
right channel output, since that channel's output
simply won't be available on the mono cable.
Another consideration when using a customer's phone
or other device is that you are responsible if
something happens to the device. Never leave a
customer's device unattended, and try to return the
device as soon as you are finished playing their song.
Also keep in mind, in the case of cell phones, there is
a possibility that an incoming call or text may ring
over your PA system, so be prepared for that
possibility as well.
Handling “Clingers"
Occasionally you may have a guest who decides to sit
right next to you, behind your DJ table. They will
want to talk to you, ask lots of questions, and
otherwise distract you from your job. They may even
attempt to touch your mixer or computer!
It is perfectly okay to tell such a guest that they need
to go back to the other side of your table. It is also
okay to tell them that touching your computer or
audio equipment is unacceptable. You need to
establish the boundaries the
time this happens, so
that you will have less of a problem in the future with
this same guest.
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