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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Never get directly involved, and make sure to protect
your equipment.
When you first arrive at a bar or club, pay attention to
the surroundings. Know where the exits are, and know
where any bouncers or security personnel are located.
Some clubs call their security “door men", so in the
event of a fight you can simply announce on the
microphone, “I need a door man by the pool tables".
This phrasing sounds better to the rest of the guests
than if you were to ask for security or a bouncer.
Boring Gigs
You might find yourself really bored at a gig. While
some crowds are interactive and make requests,
occasionally you will have to do a gig where you are
nothing more than background noise. This is
especially true if there are other activities and events
at the party.
Believe it or not, I'm writing this paragraph
at a Veteran's hospital benefit. There is food,
games, and plenty of other things to do. I believe in
the cause, and the guests are enjoying themselves, but
I find myself sitting here letting a playlist of 60's and
70's rock play on while I type away on my other
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