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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Chapter 11: Setup and Breakdown
When you walk into a venue, you have to make a few
decisions. Sometimes, the people planning the event
already have a space designated for you to set up.
Other times, you will have to figure this out for
Some things to keep in mind when choosing where to
set up:
Make sure you are near an electrical outlet. Be
mindful of other items plugged into the same
outlet or circuit; things like crock pots consume
a lot of power, and may cause problems such as
a tripped circuit breaker.
Be sure that there is room for your table and
equipment, with ample room to move around
while you are working. You do not want to be
Think about where you might place your
speakers will your speaker wires reach from
your DJ table.
If hosting a Karaoke gig, will the singers be
able to see your Karaoke screen while facing
the audience. Will the microphone wires (if
any) be in the way of the guests.
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