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So You Want To Be A DJ.
If the customer does have a place designated for you
to set up, it is okay for you to suggest a different
arrangement. If there is a flaw or problem with the
location they have chosen, you can politely suggest a
better alternative. Always remember, you are the
expert hired to entertain their guests they will, in
most cases, respect your opinion and take your
suggestions seriously.
Avoiding Trip Hazards
Any wires that will be routed to speakers,
microphones, and even your extension cord should be
out of the way. You do not want to cause a trip
If you must run a wire across an area where people
will be walking over it, masking tape or painter's tape
can be used to secure the cable to the floor. Use a
short piece of tape every 18 inches or so. Do
duct tape, as it can harm the surface when you remove
it later, and the sticky glue may be left behind on your
cables. Painter's tape
is most
ideal, as it is designed to
be removed cleanly without harming the surface or
leaving anything behind.
When setting up your speakers, take the time to wrap
your speaker wire through the handle of the speaker,
or tie it around the stand. You want to make sure that,
if someone does trip on or snag the wire, it won't pull
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