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So You Want To Be A DJ.
These handy little items can be found online or at your
local hardware store.
You can also choose to purchase a larger surge
protector with spaces designated for transformer
plugs. In any case, it is
recommended to use
multiple power strips chained together.
Keep it Neat
You will have lots of interconnecting wires, power
adaptors, and cables coming from your table. It's best
to keep them organized as much as possible for a neat
appearance. I try to keep all cables that go from the
table top to underneath together; a small piece of tape
will keep it together in a nice, neat bundle.
You can use your plastic tote to help hide the eye-sore
of wires under the table. Your power strip and all of
the electrical plugs can be hidden easily by placing
your tote on the audience side underneath the table.
You can also use a table cloth, but remember not to
block the vents on your computer. Even better, a
custom vinyl banner can be hung from your table that
advertises your services; these can be ordered online
and are usually not too expensive.
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So You Want To Be A DJ? Home | Buy Paperback | Virtual DJ Studio

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