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So You Want To Be A DJ.
neighborhood. Are the neighbors going to complain
or call the authorities. Is the venue appropriate for
loud music without disturbing businesses or homes.
As the hired entertainment, it is
responsibility to
be aware of the local laws regarding noise. Some
towns will have a specific time of day where the
music must be kept to a minimum. The town may
require a permit, which would be the responsibility of
the host to obtain. In any case, having the police show
up during a gig due to noise looks highly
unprofessional for the DJ, and will cost you future
jobs with your customers and their guests.
If you are not comfortable turning the music up
louder, it's okay to decline when guests ask you to
crank it up, as long as you do so politely.
Breaking Down
When the event is coming to a close, it's time to pack
your equipment up for the day. How you go about this
will help make setup go faster and more smoothly at
your next gig. An important thing to consider is how
you wrap up your cables and extension cords.
Many DJs simply wrap the cords in a coil. The
problem with this is that when you go to run it next
time, it will want to snag and tangle. I have found that
a “figure-8" works much better; each loop is in the
opposite direction than the previous, so when you
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