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Author Topic: Justin "J-Man" Nelson - DJ/KJ Services, North-West Indiana  (Read 9506 times)

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Just to get this section started, I will post about my DJ business:

Serving North-West Indiana for over 15 years, DJ J-Man can serve all of your music and Karaoke needs. Bars, clubs, graduation parties, weddings - or almost any occasion!

30,000+ music titles and 20,000+ karaoke tracks, with new music added every week. We have the best UHF wireless microphones, top-of-the-line sound system, and of course a professional host to make YOUR karaoke party the best party your guests have ever been to!

Highly competitive rates and the most bang for your buck, ask around about the J-Man and you'll know for sure who you want to host your next party.

Contact Justin "J-Man" Nelson at (219) 262-2193 or email Justin@VDJ.Net. Graduation season is upon us, so get your date locked in now before somebody else does...

(Please, this is my personal contact information and is NOT for technical support for Virtual DJ Studio).
-- Justin Nelson, CEO
   Next Generation Software, Inc.