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Author Topic: Posting Karaoke Performance Videos?  (Read 5784 times)

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Posting Karaoke Performance Videos?
« on: March 30, 2017, 05:04:13 PM »
So here's a question: how many videos do you run across, taken from someone's phone and posted online, contain some element of copyrighted music in the background? You see it everywhere, but they don't make people take down videos because you sang "Happy Birthday" to Grandma and posted it (that song is still under copyright, contrary to popular belief).

So why, if I post a cell phone video of a colleague singing a Karaoke song in a public place, does Universal Music Group file a formal DMCA complaint against me?

I had to go through and delete most of my videos. Many are intended to show off my DJ work, but of course there is music in the background (duh, that's what they PAY me for, that's why I'm posting the damned video)...

In the public setting, of course it is not up to the DJ/KJ to pay licensing to play the music out loud. Good article that explains this:

The venue is responsible, and most places already have a Jukebox on premises and therefore the vendor of that box has acquired the licensing. Most likely there will be a BMI/ASCAP sticker near a door or window...

So that covers us "in the field". But how the hell do you advertise as a DJ service, without being able to post a video of you doing the work? Should we get people to sing public domain songs just for promotional purposes? Or obtain "sync rights" to use the music (by paying out the you-know-what... also finding yourself on their radar...)

Just frustrated that Facebook took this complaint very seriously (for a video posted years ago), logged me out of all my devices until I read and agreed to why they pulled my video. I subsequently pulled all my videos containing music -- even some good wedding videos that were great advertisement, and memories for those involved... but hey, big daddy Universal Music Group needs to flex his muscle. Whatever.

PS - unrelated note, but the entire VDJ.Net website is now hosted securely, including these forums. This changes nothing, but there's a big push to make every site secure even if you don't collect personal information, and the search engines are giving higher rank to SSL sites than to non-SSL sites. So, for a little $$$, I get to show you a green padlock in the address bar. Woo.

On the good news front, is nearly completed and will be accepting subscription signups (with free trial) soon. As a shortcut URL, you can just link to (or and it will forward to the full, secured site. It's shorter (6 letter domain, vs 12) and easier to fit on the Karaoke screen, is easier to type on your phone, and immediately redirects to the correct location.

Check it out if you haven't in a while - the app itself is shaping up very nicely.
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