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Title: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on March 31, 2016, 10:38:25 AM
So I had some dental work done, and now that I'm pain-free I've been working really hard on VDJ... the screenshot attached is my current working version, but I'm sure I'll change up some of the icons and buttons before the release.

You'll notice it's designed to be very touch-screen friendly, note the popup menu at the bottom for the "search type"... pretty much everything works in that way, the Options button, AGC button, etc... but it is also very mouse-friendly :)

Obviously some of the graphics aren't done yet, that's what this week and weekend is going to be dedicated to. Lots of Photoshop time... but the internals are working nicely, video playback works on *most* file types and plays full-screen on your karaoke monitor/tv, taking over the normal Karaoke graphic until the video is done or you click "stop"...

Any input from you guys would be appreciated. Remember this is still in the works, but the layout will pretty much be this (the Playlist will be changed somewhat as I mentioned before, bigger font and more easily manipulated to handle Karaoke, Video, and regular music files).

Weird side note, somehow my DVD drive became drive P:\ - not sure how that happened lol... Windows, 'nuff said...
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on March 31, 2016, 10:41:03 AM
By the way you'll notice there is no longer a "mute" button.... instead I made it mutually exclusive, if you click the Headphones (preview) button it automatically removes it from the main PA output... any thoughts if that's a good idea? Personally I think it's good because I've been known to accidentally play something out-loud when I intended only to preview it on the headphones... or perhaps make that a program option...?
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on March 31, 2016, 10:42:53 AM
One last note - I think I'll move the LED VU meter on the individual lines over to the right - when using it, sometimes it appears that it's representing the line to the left.
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on March 31, 2016, 10:57:33 AM
I know this is a helluva teaser... but here's video playback (not shown, the full-screen Karaoke screen)... :)
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on March 31, 2016, 11:02:10 AM
By the way, if there are any graphic designers out there, I suck at creating graphics. I would love to update the look & feel of VDJ, if anyone is willing to create icons/buttons/sliders, anything to improve the look of VDJ, I'd love to include it in the program if it's better than what I've created. I can't pay but you'd have a lifetime license for VDJ and NGWave, and a credit in the spash-screen/help file if I use your work :)
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on March 31, 2016, 11:11:55 AM
Just an FYI, I'm raising the price by $20, but that's good news for current licensees - if you are licensed for the 2015 (7.x) version, you get the new 8.0 for $20, the difference between the old price and the new price. So if you're on the fence about purchasing the current version knowing a new one is coming out, it won't cost you anything more to upgrade... just the $20 difference.
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Fabio on March 31, 2016, 01:49:54 PM
Wow!! That actually looks do have talent in the graphic's not as bad as you think...I like that you kept some of the old elements and upgraded some and added some new ones.

Here's my feedback on the functionality of the pause button.  I use it quite a bit myself more than I use the headphone, so for me I'd prefer to have the pause button, but I notice you have a graphic of the headset...why not use the keep the headset specifically for the headset, so you just click (or tap) the headset when you specifically want sound to come to the headset, use it as toggle maybe, when you tap it, it playback whatever is on that line to the headset and when you click it again, it stops (or pauses).

I love the used one of the Thai karaoke songs I sent you!  If you need more testing, I got some Russian Karaoke too  ;) the way, I'm trying to stick to using MP4 files for karaoke.  The Russian karaoke came in DVD which I converted to MP4s.  I could have done it in any format, but I decided to stick to that...also some of the files the video I've downloaded from Youtube is also in mp4.  Currently, my the only stuff that is a mix of formats is the Thai Karaoke...with some being mp4, some in AVI and some in DAT.  The DAT format as you remember our previous discussion we settled that they were in VCD format.  As for the price, personally it's not an issue.  I make money weekly with VDJ that even if you did charge full price I'd still upgrade.  But I understand about people being on the fence and they'd be fools not to upgrade for only $20.

When you're ready for some BETA testing (and it looks like it's close to it!) send me a copy and I'll start testing it!

Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: chaz on March 31, 2016, 07:19:28 PM
Looking good .. and I am looking forward to testing it out.. Any possibility to get the mp3 player any larger.. So hard to see
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: DJ Sultan on April 01, 2016, 11:42:55 AM
I like the look, although I am partial to black (version 7 color) over the steal look.  I like "roomier" feeling of the play channels!  Any pictures of the Karaoke Configuration window?  Any changes to the options with the CDG screen or standby screen?  Any change a "singer rotation" or "notepad" type list is incorporated? :-)  Also, I do have some graphics tinkering in my background, but not sure what format you would need thinks in or I would give it a go.  I can Photoshop about

Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on April 01, 2016, 12:27:55 PM
I'm not married to the "stainless" brushed look, and I *might* make it skinnable with a few bundled skins... but no promises there.

I hadn't planned to change much on the Karaoke Configuration window or the CDG screen just yet. As for singer rotation, that's something I have to put my head into on another day, probably after the release. Right now I'm focusing on getting 8.0 tested and released within the month, then I can do minor improvements and bug fixes and minor features in (free) updates (8.1, 8.2, etc)...

I'm also planning on adding what I call "quick play" buttons, where you drag and drop a short sound effect to the button and it will play instantly. Probably more of a radio thing (I do have a lot of radio station customers) but it'd be handy nonetheless... so once you drop the file onto the button (or right-click and "Open") you give it a short caption ("Toilet", "Dog Bark", whatever) and you can assign them to buttons on an external MIDI controller as well for instant access even if VDJ doesn't have focus.

What I can't wait for is to get a BETA version released for you guys, I totally rewrote the music database and it is 1000 times faster, and it indexes the ID3 tags later (rather than during the index) in the background. It's pretty neat, you get a little progress bar and it uses very little CPU time. Slowly the ID3 search will become more and more available as it indexes (available the microsecond it scanned a particular file, rather than waiting for the whole process to complete).

Singer rotation though, I'm still not sure how to approach that one... but we can get into a discussion about that *after* the release, for a future (minor and free) update. One thing at a time :)
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: vcationguy on April 03, 2016, 12:18:18 PM
I like the idea of the quick play buttons.  :)  Glad to be getting video.
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Fabio on April 03, 2016, 02:46:31 PM
Ditto on the Quickplay buttons!

Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on April 05, 2016, 11:07:17 PM
Regarding the "Quick Play buttons", it's just that my DJ controller (Numark Mixtrack) has these unused buttons that would be perfect for that, but even without a MIDI controller I will have room for a few buttons on the screen as well.

But back to my playlist idea... now this is just a rough mockup, so look at the screenshot then read the next paragraph...

The playlist will be (obviously) much larger (touchscreen friendly, but also easier on the eyes). A white background indicates a normal, not-yet-played entry. Orange background with the "Pause" looking button is a song that is "on hold", meaning when it gets to it, it won't "skip" that song, it will simply keep bumping it down next in the list (for example if that singer isn't ready yet the show goes on but they maintain their place in line).

Then the red background with the "stop sign" is where it will stop playback (advancing to the next song but not starting it yet) for announcements etc.

The left side icon will show the music icon you see, or karaoke or video icons, depending on the file type.

Now, unplayed songs will have a white background, where as played songs will be a light grey. This way if you jumped down in your list (a genre change by request for example), you can look back up and know which songs never actually got played, and perhaps move them back down in the list.

The selected song (the one you are working with as far as modifying) will have the heavy blue outline, and the PLAYING song (which as always can be two different list items) will show the text in a bold yellow or something.

So even though this is just a mockup, any feedback? Is it too confusing? You see the menu that pops out when you click the icon on the right of the playlist entry (very touch friendly), and yes, for the mockup it's just copies of the same song title, non-functioning - just working out the details before I actually make it do something lol...

Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on April 05, 2016, 11:12:45 PM
Also, and I know some stuff overlaps (hence the term "mock-up") but compare the big easy-to-read list on the left to the current playlist format on the right... also note the slightly redesigned "search type" button at the bottom, I think it's a little more obvious than the previous version...

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, feedback, whatever is always welcome. That's why I set up these forums :)
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on April 05, 2016, 11:24:28 PM
Just a little side note, I do test on my little 11.6" HP touch screen laptop, but I develop on a much larger laptop... and there are finger prints all over the screen... once you get used to touch screen you think everything is "touchable" lol... so I develop the next touch-friendly feature, then have to fire it up on the little one (network drive so it's always the latest build) to test the actual touch features... one day I need to build or buy a bigger, faster touch-enabled computer to do development on, might speed up my progress lol...

Back in the day it was always a rule that you never "touch" the screen, now days that's all people do. I've had people touch the karaoke screen expecting it to do something... kids... but I maintain I'm not too old for this s#!t and I can keep up with the technology and the 22 year olds lol...
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Justin on April 05, 2016, 11:30:54 PM
One more thing I had considered adding to the playlist, a "pause timer" or something like that. In other words, you can insert a 30 second (or whatever you wish time-wise) that just pauses for that duration, then automatically continues on to the next song. Radio stations would probably get more use out of that, as they could insert a gap for a live advertisement or announcement, and on the screen you'd get a count-down timer so you know when the "post" is coming up (the time before the next song will automatically resume).

Though in my experience in DJing, if using the phone app, just do the "stop after", and do your announcements and click "Play" as soon as you're done talking... so maybe the "Insert Silent Space" or whatever I would call it might just be unnecessary and confusing... just throwing out ideas, it's past my bedtime, time to put the computers to sleep (including my brain lol)...
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Fabio on April 06, 2016, 12:07:07 AM
Lol, I do have a a 17"  lcd screen I use for the singers and it's on a speaker stand with mic holders on the side and I get people coming over , all the time and touch it, expecting it to do something, but the funny thing is that the tablet I had put in next to the the physical books rarely got I just stopped setting added to the things I had to carry and had a special mounting so someone wouldn't steal it while I wasn't looking.

Anyway, back to your mock ups...I got to say I'm a bit confused.  Are you planning to have both singers and the in-between music (and videos) in the SAME list?  That's what it sounds like to me.  If that's the case it's going to be rather least to me.  I'd like to hear from other people as well.  I'm not opposed to changes for the touch interface sake, but they have to make sense too for the non-touch screens.  I would prefer to just have two lists instead of that plays all the karaoke related stuff and the other that plays the non-karaoke.  I know you're trying to make them larger and they may not fit on the screen...but why not make them normal size and then when you touch it or click it (when it's focused) have it "grow" to a larger size and when it looses focus it "shrinks" back to normal size? 

Also, I know you're trying to make everything more touch friendly but it sounds like there would some why not have two different interfaces...which is selectable by a setting?  or better yet, split them into two separate one.  The ones who'd prefer a touch version would buy that version and ones who don't could buy the other.

Either way, I think the single playlist/karaoke queue would be rather confusing. 

I have another thought...why not move the current playlist and make it larger (and able to accept video) into line 2.  Keep the karaoke queu but add the ability to play video.  The Playlist on line two should then face out and pause (or stop the current song) and fade in line 1.  If line two stops instead of pausing then the next song on the playlist should fade in once the karaoke line is done playing, it should fade in the next song on line two then (or play the paused song).

Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: vcationguy on April 06, 2016, 08:26:20 AM
Hell yeah you can!  lol  :)
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: chaz on April 06, 2016, 11:16:26 AM
I use both touch and non touch, depending on event and software I am using.. I will eventually go to all touchscreens .. But maybe like with windows 10 you could have a toggle for tablet mode and windows mode.. tablet mode is slimmed down with bigger buttons.
*Having one list with different Icons is not a big deal if they are large enough to distinguish from a glance. Colors are also nice to distinguish from played an not played yet.
Also I use a program that has a feature that tells me when a song was last played..
For instance when highlighting a mp3 and hovering over it ,a popup gives me details of info I need .. title,artist,length, location and last time I played it .. with date and time. I have used this feature for when I do wedding DJ gigs...

*Pause timer.. Inserting a talk-over button might be more better used.. when clicked it would reduce the volume of the current music to whatever you set it.. so you can talk over. You could have it automatically come on after a karaoke song is played and you are calling up next singer or making a live commercial.. Kicks off when you start next karaoke song... Also would be able to toggle on off when needed.

*I like the search options you posted.. I think it is a bit more easier...
Having the quick play buttons is nice.. I have always found them hard to change and assign in a hurry if needed. If I have 6 buttons but use 10 regularly sometimes I need to change on the fly.

Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: DJ Sultan on April 07, 2016, 10:46:22 AM
"Grain Of Salt" background information:  My business is about 80-90% karaoke based with the remainder being DJ only wedding dances.  The bulk of my bar clients do not appreciate full song DJ filler songs between each karaoke song as we often have a large number of singers (15+) and filler songs reduce the opportunities to sing.  We do not run on a touch screen, therefore I have no opinion on the touch screen enhancements as long as the software functions for us "mousers".  Since my primary source of clients is on the karaoke side of the house, karaoke features are more valuable than DJ enhancements as far as purchasing value.

Knowing the background... here are my thoughts...

Larger list - I like the larger list than the smaller one.  Much easier to read.
Combined list - I am not completely against a combined list, but would prefer two list... one that is strictly for karaoke and one that is for DJ/video/etc.
Talk Over button - I like the idea of a talk over button for making announcements!
Pause timer - wouldn't use it, but not opposed to it if doesn't take up prime real estate :-)
Color - (as already mentioned) Almost any color is better than metallic.  I like the black of the current version, but would not be opposed to another color if wanting to make a definitive new look to Version 8.

Here is my wish list  ;D (for future consideration)

1.  Improvements to the import process.  All of my songs do not load (currently does not load in about 15% of my songs).  The songs load in on Sax N Dottie and play just fine, but VDJ doesn't even import them.
2.  Addition of "On-Screen Rotation" singers list.
3.  Song search that provide columns for Disk-Track, Artist, & Title that are read from the file name and are sortable by those columns.

Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: chaz on April 22, 2016, 10:02:54 AM
Do we have any updates Justin.. We are anxiously waiting.. LOL I check the forums every morning to see if you have posted a update yet.

Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Fabio on April 22, 2016, 05:35:00 PM
Like you, Chaz I've been waiting....I jus got back from vacationing the last two weeks in the Yucatan and Cancun, and I was hoping there would be something waiting for me...dang!  :P  I did pop in from my Cancun hotel into the forum to check in and answer a few questions from DJ Sultan.  Speaking of DJ Sultan...

DJ Sultan:  I did like some of your comments (although the metallic colors didn't bother me).  Like you I'm mostly karaoke based and don't care as much for the DJ features.  Like you I usually have large singer bases.  So there is no time for full filler songs.  I think my singer base would lynch me, if I did  :P  I mostly play the same song as filler for several songs.  I just pause it and it starts where it left off and I change it as needed to fit/match the mood of whatever people are singing.

larger list - I'm assuming you mean larger font...and I would prefer that to be customizable.  Either by manually changing the font...or by a zoom feature...not unlike the way browsers work...where you hold the control button on your keyboard and you spin the mouse wheel forward or back to zoom in and out.
Combined list - yeah, I'd prefer two lists

and yes on the talk over far as the others, I'm not partial one way or the other.

Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: DJ Sultan on April 27, 2016, 01:38:44 PM
By "Larger list" I mean bigger space with larger font, yes.  I am partial to the light text on black background (pictured on the right), but prefer a larger, much more readable list (pictured left).  The small list is just too small to read.  And the small one looks too much like

Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Fabio on April 27, 2016, 01:48:20 PM
Yeah...then we're in agreement about the larger font. 

Your version is VDJ is licensed to BETA TESTER?

Did Justin send you a Beta test and he didn't send us one?
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: DJ Sultan on April 27, 2016, 03:31:07 PM
lol, no...  I took screen shots of his posted pictures so I could show you what I meant.

and here is an idea of what I am looking for!

(again... using photoshop to make the layout  ;D )
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: DJ Sultan on April 27, 2016, 03:37:09 PM
Something I noticed while comparing all of the screen shots and what I have now...  The buttons along the bottom of the Music Database!  I would like to see all of the tabs have buttons along the bottom instead of on the side.  ACTUALLY, on the Karaoke Queue screen I would like the buttons directly above the list where the Music Database "search" bar sits.  Would make it MUCH EASIER to click a song and play it rather than having to go way over to the bottom right to click "Launch".  Launch should be close by!  When I get some time I plan on doing a mock up of that section and possibly the "options"/tools windows as well.
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Fabio on April 27, 2016, 04:10:11 PM
I think you're on the right track...where it's showing both lists (with larger fonts).  I'm assuming one of those lists would be karaoke queue?

I think the preview (on the bottom right) could probably be integrated on the top/center section.  If one of those lists is the karaoke (as I'm assuming, it would give you the room to expand it it all the way to the bottom which would be great for those nights when the queue is just too long.

As fas the LAUNch button...I actually never use it...or rather...rarely.  I usually select the song I want to play and right click it and then the first choice is Launch in player 1. It's easier for me and keeps me from double clicking accidentally the LAUNCH BUTTON.
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: DJ Sultan on April 28, 2016, 07:21:23 AM
Yes, in the ideal setup I would use player 1 as the karaoke list and player 2 as the DJ list.   I would use the fader in the middle section to fade out to "filler" music (and let the filler music run in the background with a couple hundred staple songs) and then fade back to the next singer.

I like the idea of being able to have a longer list on the karaoke side for long rotations!  If set up correctly, it would be a visible (not tabbed) "karaoke queue".  I am not really sure how the view screen could be incorporated in the top middle though as it is already pretty full with content.
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: DJ Sultan on April 28, 2016, 07:35:12 AM
Here is another thought... how about having the view screen on the left under the "karaoke" list.  Then have the left side expandable over the view screen and retractable when needing to see the view screen?

Then... when doing DJ only, one side can be for the "main song list" and the other side for "special requests" or a "temporary genre change" list.  The "preview" window would display whichever side the main slider is set for... or BETTER YET... have a toggle on the view screen window to select which video stream is show so it can be used as a "preview" screen while the "singer" screen is showing the current song/video.  So, audio would be controlled by slider for the main and with audio "preview" through secondary sound and video on the singer screen is controlled with the main slider with the KJ/DJ view screen being controlled by toggle/selector switch below the view screen.
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: Fabio on April 28, 2016, 01:40:51 PM
Here is another thought... how about having the view screen on the left under the "karaoke" list.  Then have the left side expandable over the view screen and retractable when needing to see the view screen?

Actually, this is exactly what I do currently, that's why I like the split windows, it's not usual for my karaoke queue to be large.  Take a look at my current set up, you'll notice that the queue is overlapping the preview window on the top right corner.  I also have an extra window on the bottom left corner which is not part of VDJ, I use it to search for Video karaoke and I use a separate player for it.
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: on December 10, 2016, 09:25:15 AM
It is looking great. Excited the new version is out even if it fixes some bugs. Can the song fonts be bigger? I am assuming the karaoke players are bigger. That is one of the biggest complaints is that trying to read the songs that they are too small. Or can they be adjusted? Also is there a way of having the (app) default to karaoke only rather than music only. I use tablets as a kiosk by the DJ booth for singers to enter their songs but they always (even after telling them) search under music only. I then have to search the song again and pray I have it in a karaoke format. Just trying to make it as simple and easy for them. Thanks in advance!!!
Title: Re: Back on track...
Post by: chaz on December 10, 2016, 02:40:06 PM
Under the request tab/server uncheck the mp3 box