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Title: Windows 10
Post by: mikep1 on January 29, 2017, 11:17:35 AM
After upgrading to windows 10 my exernal hard drive powers down after a short while even while running VDJ studio, i have turned off absolutly everything to do with power management still no luck, had no problem with windows 7. anyone else had this problem, TIA
Title: Re: Windows 10
Post by: Fabio on January 29, 2017, 12:32:34 PM

I had a hard drive recently that was doing that.  I only use it as a backup device for my music and karaoke files but recently it would start shutting down after a few minutes of being connected.  It would shut down in the middle of a backup. I thought it was the cable, so I replaced it and still it would do the same.  It turned out to be the SATA connector inside the hard drive enclosure.  Once I switched the drive to a different enclosure then it stopped shutting down.
Title: Re: Windows 10
Post by: Justin on January 30, 2017, 12:44:01 PM
If it is only doing this while IDLE, in other words it spins down, then has to spin back up when you click "play", there is an option in VDJ to keep the drive spinning at all times. It is under the "Search Options". I could swear it was enabled by default, but I may have overlooked that.

What this does is simply write a random number to a file named .keepalive.vdj in the root of each drive containing music (except for the C: drive, it uses the temp folder, for access reasons). Using a random number makes sure it has to keep the drive spinning since it can't cache content that is constantly changing :) An old Unix/Linux trick that works well here.

However - if it's doing like Fabio's case (stopping *while* doing something), then I would look at the connectors/cables as he mentioned. One of my laptops (little HP I DJ with) has a USB 3.0 port next to a 2.0 port. Even using a 3.0 cable, it doesn't fit as snugly in that port and if you touch it, or look at it funny, or breath wrong, or think unholy thoughts, it disconnects. So I just use the 2.0 port - reading music (and even video) doesn't need the speed of 3.0, only really needed when copying large amounts of data... but that's just a flaw in my particular laptop.

Funny thing is the 3.0 port works perfectly as a phone charger, so it actually worked out better this way: a 3.0 port can supply twice the amperage of a 2.0 port, so charging is faster :)

(the physical reason a 3.0 port may not be as snug is that internally there are more connecting pins and thus the port is just slightly wider (taller?)... but it's possible that HP just chose a poorly designed port for this laptop. It does look physically different from the 2.0 port next door if you look at the laptop from the side closely... I've noticed in general that 3.0 ports are just more finicky though).