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Feature Suggestions / Some issues and solution requests
« on: November 01, 2018, 01:24:17 PM »
Hi there,
my first post, so I think a short intro might be an idea.

Name is Sandy
Age is 66
Location in Scotland.
Retired Electronics Technician with a major Comms company.

Previous Karaoke programs include Winamp with various addons (terrible)
Sax'n Dotties (pretty bad as well)
Virtual DJ Pro (does the job but is silly expensive)
Various free programs supplied by Karaoke song providers.
Just Karaoke (Excellent for price and ability)
Karaosoft Karma (best of the lot but resource hungry)

I downloaded Virtual DJ studio and was surprised at how impressed I was with it.

However, I do have some, hopefully solveable, questions.

1) If there is a remaining song time remaining display, I can't find it, either for playlist or Karaoke songs in the request list.
2) Some MP3's simply won't play, either in playlist or lines. However, if I take the kbs down from 320 to 192kbs, all is OK.
3) No FLAC file capability.
4) My 66 year old eyes struggle to read the tiny font in the playlist.

For 4) above, I would cheerfully give up 3 or 4 channel lines to get a wider and hopefully easier to read playlist window.

The one thing that convinced me to try out VDJ Studio was the massive improvement in database logging.

I hope you can find some time to address my points above.

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