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Q & A / Using 2 Audio Devices
« on: November 02, 2018, 04:14:24 AM »
I currently own VDJ Studio version 6.9 and love it.  But I need some help.

I wanted to be able to preview upcoming songs on heads phones, so I purchased a USB sound device and plugged headphones into it, I went into options and set my laptop as the primary audio device and my USB sound device as secondary.

I played a song on one player line and played a second song on a different player line, on the second song I club the “preview” option.  In the end I want the first song to play on the laptop via primary audit device and the 2nd song to play on the head phones via the secondary USB device.

The result is that I get both songs playing on both primary and secondary audio devices, they do not separate.

I thought maybe the version that I had 6.9 had a bug in it, so I downloaded version 7.8.5 and uninstalled version 6.9 to avoid a conflict between the 2 versions, the problems continues to be an issue.

What am I doing wrong or any ideas?

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