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Getting Started in the Business / How many of you do mostly DJing?
« on: December 12, 2016, 08:09:23 PM »
I mostly do KJing and mostly at bars, though I've occasionally done a private party here and there.  Mostly because it's all I got time for.  I have day job as an IT guy. 

If you DJ, how long are your usual parties and what type of parties are they? (ex. Weddings).

When you DJ, do you nomally carry extra sound equipment (speakers, amps or mixer)?

I had a horrible experience this past Saturday where I was DJing a Quinceañera...for those who don't know that is, it's the equivalent of a Sweet Sixteen party but for latinos.   Anyway, I have a powered mixer which have used for many years (I have two, one I keep at bar and the other one ta home for private parties) and they've never failed until Saturday night.  I've had it shut down before due to thermal shutdown, but that was due to having cheap speaker cables which caused a short.  I've learned my lesson and have quality speaker wires now and never had the problem since.  However, in this case my powered mixer never actually shut down, the lights were blinking as if sound was going through it but no sound was coming out of the speakers.  Initially I thought I had a bad cable and since I do carry extras of every cable (and even an extra laptop), I replaced them.  It would continue doing this every 4 or 5 songs.  It became clear there was something wrong with my mixer.  I do have a small amp mixer that is only 150watts on each speaker.  I called my son to drive it over to me from home which was about 40 minutes away and finished the night with the volume cranked up all the way, just to give it enough kick (I was afraid it would start oveheating - but turned out ok). Now, I've never had to carry an additional power mixer or speakers, but now I'm thinking need to.  Needless to say, I probably ruined the party and was super embarrassed. Luckily the mom is a friend of mine (she's a regular at one of the bars where I host karaoke).  I did not end up charging her.  She was cool and gave me $50, so at least it paid for the gas. So what you guys do in this situation?  Do you guys carry extra mixers/amps or speakers?  I never want to have this experience again. 

Helpful Hints, Tips & Tricks / Saved Singers list AKA singers.dat
« on: November 22, 2016, 02:14:05 AM »
In case anyone has problems with the saved singers list where your saves for a new song are slow or starting VDJ takes a long time or even switching from singer to singer as you're searching.  Or as in my case it stops vdj from starting (it locks up in the splash screen).  I might have found a solution.

In my case I thought it was a corruption or fragmentation of the singers.dat file. I ended up removing it from the folder (I copied it to a folder on my desktop) since VDJ ends up recreating when you add a new singer.  The problem is that after adding just a single singer, it would work, but it was still very slow in saving it and slow in starting VDJ.  (It would sit in the splash screen for longer than before). Also trying to restore a previous backup would work, but the slowness would return.

Out of a hunch, I ended downloading CCleaner ( and ran the cleaner for basically everything, (all browsers, registry, empty recycle bin, temporary files, memory dumps, chkdsk file fragments, windows log files, recent documents, thumbnail cache and even clipboard).  I'm not sure which of these did the trick, but after cleaning everything seems to have gone back to working normally.  I was able to restore my backed up singers.dat and it loaded normally.  To tell the truth, I'm not sure which of these different "cleannings" did the trick, but it worked.  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the browsers probably didn't have to be done and probably emptying the recycle bin and clearing the clipboard either.  If you have to do this uncheck the browsers as those will probably don't need to be done and you're likely to get logged out of sites and loose open tabs and even have malfunctioning plugins (a couple of my plugins had to be re-installed -lastpass was one of them)

I guess I should have cleaned different parts and test after running each to figure out what really made it work normally again but that will have to wait until the happens again. 

By the way the free version of this program was enough.

Q & A / some server setting are not sticking.
« on: February 02, 2016, 02:23:35 AM »
The URL gets reset every time you restart VDJ and also the "Allow Upcoming singer list" setting always defaults to pics & text no matter what you pick.   Now that I'm using my URL, I have to re-enter it every time.

Feature Suggestions / Lyric sync
« on: January 23, 2016, 03:07:11 PM »
I would like to have the lyric sync to reset back to normal after every karaoke song.  Some karaoke songs are off sync and need to be manually synced but when it's a busy night I sometimes forget to reset it back to normal and all the following karaoke songs end up being off sync too until I remember to reset it.  :P

Q & A / Song won't display CDG Graphics
« on: November 16, 2015, 02:28:33 PM »
Hey Justin:

This song won't display the lyrics at all.  It does display in another CDG player.

PI019-16 - Petty, Tom & the Heartbreakers - Here Comes My Girl

I'm not sure if you have it, so I'll be forwarding to you via email.

Q & A / Queue and Saved singers issue
« on: October 19, 2015, 03:51:34 PM »
Since I'm not indexing certain folders because it's not easy to add all the files in that folder to the exclusion list, I just have a folder on my desktop that links to that folder so when I'm dragging a zip from that folder into the Queue about 75% of the time "unknown singer" goes off editing mode and end up typing but not actually editing the singer, I then have to hit the F2 to bring it back to editing mode so I can type the correct singer name.  I'm not sure if it has to do with how "busy" VDJ happens to be at the time to account for the 25% when it does work.  I had noticed this before but I wasn't sure until last night when I had to drag a few songs (more than usual) and it happened several times.  I've only noticed this when I'm hosting, when I try to recreate it now, it seems to work fine.  So I don't know if you'll be able recreate it.  Also, I'm using a different laptop from last night.  The one I'm trying now is my old laptop which has all the pictures from FB which on my new laptop the links are there but the pictures are not, only pictures that have a physical picture on a folder are being loaded.  BTW, where does VDJ keep the copies from FB?  I'm thinking this might be related as it tries to load an FB picture that no longer least not on the new laptop.

2nd issue:
For the saved singer tab, when dragging from the above folder into a singer, the singer switches to whatever singer you just dragged past.  I think I remember this was an issue back back when you first added the saved singer tab and you changed the timeout before the singer switches to another singer when dragging --it seems to have have reverted the timing.  I don't this very often so this hasn't been an issue

Feature Suggestions / More food for thought
« on: October 15, 2015, 07:54:15 PM »
For those of us who have a regular gig every week, I was thinking it would be nice to track how slow or busy each night is at each Venue.  Why is this important?  For me I'm hoping to be able determine whether a night is going to be a busy or slow sometimes depending on whether the date falls towards the end of the month or Fridays are better than Saturdays or whether there is long weekend due to a specific holiday.  For example say Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I'm trying to determine if it's going to be busy or slow. For the life of me, I've been hosting karaoke for years and I can't remember!  This would help in determining whether I can take a day off or not.  I started thinking there has to be some sort of calendar tracking app on the Google play app store but I when I was looking for it around this of the year I was not able to find one.  Eventually I found an app that tracks your emotional state at 5 levels that you were able to edit/customize the labels for each emotional state.  So I downloaded the app and I changed the labels to very slow, slow, good, busy and very busy.  Each entry allows you to add a note to it so I would add the name of the bar I happened to be at and whether there was something special going on that day (like someone's birthdate).  So now I almost have full year of entries and I can see for example that Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving was "slow", but the Sunday was "busy".  I can also see that even though Xmas eve fell on a Wednesday and not a normal Karaoke night, I did host for a special birthday party and it was "busy".  Now Xmas day (Thursday) the bar was closed, so no hosting, but Friday, the 26th, it was "good" but Saturday 27 was "slow".  Now, I'm not sure how it will be this year during the holidays but I figure in another year I'd have a more solid "track" and be able "predict" how a particular weekend will be.  The other stuff I'm tracking on whether there events nearby such the Coachella Music Festival, Comic-con in San Diego or even the Grammy's, Emmy's or Superbowl weekend.  The problem with this app is that I have to remember each night to make an entry.  Needless to say, it has holes all over the place where I forgot to fill it in.  I wonder if this is something that can be built into VDJ so it's easy to fill in at the end of the night when I shut down VDJ.  What do you guys think?  is this something we can all use, or I'm the only geek who wants to track this kind of info?

Q & A / Closing TOOLS window bug
« on: September 29, 2015, 02:07:02 AM »
If you accidentally close the TOOLS (aka: Search & Requests) window and you try to open it again by clicking on the TOOLS button, you have to click the TOOLS button twice (it won't open with the first click) and when it opens, all the tabs are cleared until you restart VDJ.  The Music database cannot be searched, Karaoke Queue goes blank, Saved Singers is blank and the request list goes blank if anybody has been added, also the server gets taken offline.  I tested on my 8.1 machine which still has 7.1.05 and my windows 10 machine 7.2.3 and it also has the bug, so it's not something new.

Thankfully it has never happened to me in the middle of a show as I would have to pause the music and restart.

The Karaoke Industry / Karaoke Summit
« on: September 18, 2015, 01:32:35 PM »
Checkout this link for the Karaoke summit 2015.  They'll be live streaming it on October 22 at 1pm EST.

I watched the last one in 2013, there was none that I know of in 2014.  This a must watch for KJs as it helps us understand how the landscape is changing.  I'm not sure how the copyright laws in regard to Karaoke are changing, but that was a hot topic on 2013.  So it's something I'll be watching for as well.  I also want to see what the new owners of Sound Choice will be doing.  One of the previous owners spoke at the last one. My understanding is that they're about to start producing new tracks again.

Q & A / Facebook links are no longer working
« on: June 30, 2015, 07:32:34 PM »
I'm not sure who many people are actually using the Facebook links for singer pictures, but they have stopped working for me. 

The only thing that will work now, seem to be numeric IDs.  I'm using to copy and paste the ones for the singers to get their ID. 

for example for Justin ( using "jmandj" will no longer work.  If I use the above  link I can get the numeric ID: 1336604540 and that will work.  I noticed another similar website ( will not retrieve the numeric one either, so FB must have changed something.

Q & A / Layouts
« on: April 11, 2015, 03:46:32 PM »
Hey Justin:

Are the Layouts saved somewhere in a way that a file file can be copied to another installation of VDJ?  Since my layouts got removed when I installed the latest version I decide to reconfigure all my layouts, so I've spend the last hour tweaking everything and satisfied with the results.  Including putting one upcoming singer at the bottom in text mode in the Karaoke mode.  I also made the header font smaller to fit the instructions to connect to the bar's wifi and the the IP...all in one line - we'll see how this works. The problem is that I would love to copy those settings to my backup laptop without having to spend all that time reconfiguring.  Anyway to do this by copy a file or a series of files?....yes, I'm trying to be lazy  :P

[attachment deleted by admin]

Feature Suggestions / Facebook Login via the web app
« on: January 21, 2015, 02:29:45 PM »
Hi Justin:

So I've been trying to get the singers to send me their full name to look them up on Facebook so I can use their pictures but it gets a bit crazy if there multiple matching names.  I noticed there is way for people to login to various sites with their facebook login.  Is that something you might be interested in doing for the singers end?...I figure that's one way to get their name and picture profile. Here's a link I found:

The Karaoke Industry / Changes to the availability of some songs
« on: January 08, 2015, 02:15:00 AM »
So I just found why some songs are no longer available to purchase online.  Apparently on July 1st 2014 new licensing changes occurred which affect the US, UK and Europe in general.  Here's a link to one the current karaoke manufacturers. The list is huge and it includes big names Like U2, The Eagles (Don Henly, Glenn Fly) and even newer artists like Katy Perry and Adele. Here's the link:

I'm still a bit confused about because though they list Katy Perry for example, but most of her songs are still available on the above site for purchase and download.  Though some of the sites where I used to purchase from have pulled some of their songs.  For now, I'm purchasing them from these sites before they're completely pulled. They're priced in either Euros or British pounds, which means they're more expensive per song than the US online stores I used to purchase from where I was paying $1.99ish per song.  These are are €1.99 or £2.00 which means they are about $3.35 plus my bank (Citibank) charges about .35 cents foreign fee.

Mostly I'm now purchasing from from Sunfly, Mr Entertainer, Karaoke Version and SBI (and Abraxa which is part of SBI).  Before, I was purchasing most of my songs from at about $1.99 and sometimes less when I purchased a large block of credits. This company included all the above mentioned manufacturers except for Karaoke Version.

This is a real bummer because I pride myself in always having the latest songs available.

I would think the licensing to karaoke would bring more money to these artists pockets and keeps them popular with their fans.


Q & A / "Singers" link
« on: December 27, 2014, 03:30:18 PM »
I like the new singers list but I noticed that the only pictures it displays, are pictures that have been attached directly to the singers profiles, it won't display facebook pictures.

Until you get the picture upload working I'm currently asking people to include their facebook url if they want their picture displayed.  When they do, I usually will look them up on facebook and put their picture up.  I've recently found this site, where I can send people if they're unfamiliar with their ID.  It also gives their true numeric ID instead of their vanity URL.


Q & A / singers list not updating on CDG screen
« on: December 22, 2014, 01:55:22 PM »
Hey Justin:

I noticed last night the CDG screen seems to have an issue when deleting singers from the queue...they disappear from the queue but the CDG screen (the one the audience sees) does not update UNTIL I click on another singer on the list.  So if you're deleting several at a time, the audience doesn't see the names disappearing.  This usually happens toward the end of the night for me when there are lots of singers who abandon their songs and I start deleting them.  Usually I give everybody a chance and don't delete them right away during the night, in case they went out for a smoke or in the bathroom. However after 1:00am I announce that everyone who does not respond right away, gets deleted.  Sometimes there's a couple of them in a row that end up getting deleted. Usually everybody  still in the bar cheers because they get moved up....but last night nobody was cheering, that's when I realized the names I was deleting were not being removed from the CDG screen.


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