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General Discussion / NGWave playback is 'choppy' on Win 8 64bit
« on: November 06, 2014, 08:15:33 AM »
I have been using NGWave for nearly 10 years now.  LOVE IT!  I do some work in broadcast, and free-lance audio production.  I also do PA and play music at local sports venues, and of course, have deejayed a wedding or two in my time.  NGWave has served me well for all sorts of editing over the years.   It does things that so-called "professional" systems don't do as easily or intuitively.
Despite my audio skills, I'm not what you would call an "audiophile" especially with the new technology behind the process.  (I learned audio editing with a chop-block, razor blade, and audio tape.)

Here's the situation:  I had been using NGWave 3.4 just fine, on my Windows XP (32-bit) machine for years.
Time for a new computer-- enter Windows 8 (64-bit).  I downloaded and installed NGWave 4.6  (build 20130614) and paid for new registration, which is fine.

Everything functions fine, but my audio playback is slow and "choppy".  (Not sure how to describe it... playing the standard "NGWave.mp3" file that comes with the software, it goes   "N-n-n-n-   G-g-g-g    Wa-wa-wa-wa-ve-ve-ve".)  I get the same result on other files I have tried, both .MP3 and .WAV.

I checked all my settings from the old program to the new.  All the same.

I also thought maybe the "on-board" audio card of the "new" PC was the culprit.  (It's not a new PC, but it is a lot more powerful than the old.)  So I spent about $30 on a nicer audio card-- SoundBlaster Audigy FX.   It installed and is working flawlessly. 
     (OK, then I found this forum, and I see perhaps the SoundBlaster cards might not be the best choice... but my result is the same, so I'm not sure it's the card anyway.)
PC specs--  Pentium 4 processor, 3.0GHz.  4GB RAM.  Plenty of disk space.     I know a P4 processor wasn't really designed with Win8 in mind, but at 3.0GHz, it  seems like it should do the job.  Everything else in Win8 is running flawlessly and fluidly.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?    I'm kinda hoping it is something simple.

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