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You can download a free trial of Virtual DJ Studio by clicking one of the links below. If you already have a license, download the trial and enter your license details when prompted to do so. The latest version of Virtual DJ Studio is 6.9 Revision 9, released August 4th, 2014.
. Download Virtual DJ Studio
10.0 MB -

C|Net's ranks Virtual DJ Studio as their #1 Title in the Karaoke software category. Be sure to post your own rating on their site if you enjoy our product.

If you would prefer to download Virtual DJ Studio directly from our own server, use the link below:
. Download Virtual DJ Studio
10.0 MB - VDJ.Net Server
After clicking the link, choose "Save File" or "Run"

Dialog may differ depending on your browser

If you chose "Save", locate the file you just downloaded and double-click it to start the installation.

Windows 8: Click More Info if you get this dialog:

After you click More Info, you will get this:

Click on Run Anyway to continue installation.

Windows 7 & Vista:

Now you should get Virtual DJ Studio's Installer. Simply follow the instructions and click Next on each screen until it has finished.

Other Download Sources

If you prefer, or would like to read reviews from other users, you can download VDJ 6 from CNet's While there, be sure to add your own review if you like VDJ.

Other Downloads

Older versions of VDJ are available, as well as our NGWave Audio Editor:


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