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You can download a free trial of Virtual DJ & Karaoke Studio by clicking one of the links below. If you already have a license, download the trial and enter your license details when prompted to do so.

The latest version of Virtual DJ & Karaoke Studio is 8.1.2, released June 25th, 2020 [What's New]. Download or upgrade using one of the links below:
. Primary Download Server:
Download Virtual DJ & Karaoke Studio 8  
25.0 MB (32/64 Bit) - VDJ.Net Server
Alternative Download:
Alternate Download Server:
Get from C|Net's
Be sure to leave a review on their site!
If you are currently using an older version, you can install this Free Trial side-by-side - it will NOT affect your current installation. It will ask to import your Singers if you choose, which will not harm your current version.
Free Background Video Loops for Virtual DJ & Karaoke Studio 8
If you are licensed for the 7.x version and do not wish to upgrade, or if you would like to use the non-video version at half the price:
. Primary Download Server:
Download Virtual DJ Studio 7  
17.0 MB (32/64 Bit) - VDJ.Net Server
Older versions and other software can be found at the bottom.
Click Here if Windows "Protected" Your PC
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100% Compatible With 32/64-bit:
Compatible with Windows 10

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Other Downloads

If you are licensed for an older version of Virtual DJ & Karaoke Studio, you can find download links below, as well as links to other products by Next Generation Software.

VDJ Version: License Key Looks Like:
Virtual DJ Studio 5.3 [May 4, 2011] XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-NN
(NN is a Random Number on 5.x Licenses)
Virtual DJ Studio 6.9 [Dec 2, 2014] XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-00
(-00 appears at the end of all 6.x Licenses)
Virtual DJ Studio 7.8.5 [Dec 15, 2017]
Latest 7.x Version
(-71 appears at the end of all 7.x Licenses)
Virtual DJ & Karaoke Studio 8.1.2 [Jun 25, 2020]
(Latest Version - What's New)
(-80 appears at the end of all 8.x Licenses)
Downloads for NGWave:
NGWave 4.6 [Jun 14, 2013]
NGWave 5.0 [Feb 10, 2015]
NGWave 5.1 [Jul 6, 2015]
(Latest Version - More Info)
Other Downloads
NGTuner 1.0 [Dec 24, 2014]
(Freeware Guitar Tuner - More Info)

Click Here to see all Downloads, including minor version increments.

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