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If you are just getting started with Virtual DJ Studio, or if you require help, refer to the links below or visit our all-new How-To section.

If you're new to VDJ or just want to learn all the new features, be sure to watch the videos below:

Part 1: The Music Index:

Part 2: Video Screen

Part 3: The Player Line

See our YouTube Playlist. These videos will help you familiarize yourself with all of the features in the new 8.x series. See our How-To Page for links to each video as well as the help pages on each topic.

Note that more content will be added soon - more videos and pages are added each day!

Other resources that may be of help: New: Trouble with external hard disks? Click Here.

New: Using a very old version on a newer PC? Click Here.

Always make sure you have the most recent version of VDJ installed, as we are always releasing bug-fixes. Click Here to download the latest release.

Email Help

You can also obtain help by sending an email to Support@VDJ.Net. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response, though we usually respond much faster than that.

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