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Using Older Versions

If you have a license to some of the older 5.x and early 6.x versions of Virtual DJ Studio, you may notice some odd lines drawing on the screen.

This is due to the fact that the older versions were NOT designed for mutliple CPU cores. There is, however, a trick to make it run more correctly by forcing it to use only a single CPU core, though note that performance may suffer.

After you launch Virtual DJ Studio, open the Task Manager, and click "Advanced":
Once there, click the Details Tab, and scroll down until you see VDJ.EXE:
Right-Click on VDJ.EXE, then click on "Set Affinity":
Unselect all CPU boxes except for CPU 0. How many CPUs show up depends on how many "Cores" you have, as well as whether or not your PC has HyperThreading:
Once this is done, you should no longer see those artifacts.

Time to Upgrade?

If you are here, you most likely are NOT getting the most out of your Virtual DJ Studio experience; it's perhaps time to upgrade to the newest, extremely stable 8.x series! You can download a Free Trial without affecting your current install to see if it's right for you:
Visit Download Page

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