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So You Want To Be A DJ.
front of the binder when appropriate. You can have
fun with it, using colorful graphics and fun fonts; it
helps get people into the mood at holiday parties, and
makes you look more fun.
For the normal, day-to-day books, make sure to use a
font that will be readable in a dimly lit room. One of
the biggest complaints I get is that I used too small a
font, and while it's perfectly readable at home, once
you are in a dark bar, and you've had a few drinks, it
becomes difficult to read...
I also recommend investing in a
printer. Inkjet
printers take longer and will quickly consume a lot of
expensive ink. Laser printers, while expensive at first,
print much faster and in the end, the toner ends up
costing less money than ink cartridges for the same
number of pages.
Announcing Singers
There will be times a particular singer is completely
. No matter how bad the singer's
performance is, you have to make them feel good
about their performance. Keep smiling, speak
enthusiastically, and most importantly,
talk bad
about a singer to other guests. People talk to each
other and you
lose future business if people think
you are criticizing their performance.
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So You Want To Be A DJ? Home | Buy Paperback | Virtual DJ Studio

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