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So You Want To Be A DJ.
back, but this is actually bad customer service it's
quite insulting to return a tip to a guest.
If they are requesting a song that is not appropriate
perhaps a cuss word song at a venue with younger
children you should simply explain why that song is
not appropriate, and perhaps recommend an alternate
song that is more suitable for the crowd.
One final thing to look out for is a request for a song
that is
targeted at another guest. These
can be hard to spot sometimes, but if you pay
attention to the request, and read the guests, you can
often spot this. If a guest requests something that may
intentionally offend another guest for any reason, you
may wish to decline the request.
Usually you can get away with simply telling them
that you'll get to it when you can, even though you
have no intention of actually playing the song. Most
times, the guest will have forgotten all about it after a
while. If they become persistent, you can explain why
you don't feel the song is appropriate.
Guests' Own Music
Sometimes guests want to supply you with a CD or
their iPod or cell phone, in order to hear a song you do
not have in your library. Whether to do this or not is
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