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So You Want To Be A DJ.
One trick I have learned is to use a table that is
big enough for my equipment. If you set up using a
large table with lots of extra room, or with extra
chairs, people will gravitate toward your table. They
see that extra space as an invitation to join you at your
table. Sometimes they think they are doing you a
favor you look lonely sitting at that big table all by
yourself while everyone else is having fun.
If you let this happen, you will soon find food, drinks,
and ashtrays uncomfortably close to your equipment.
You will have people talking into both ears while you
are trying to talk on the microphone or search for a
A smaller table is less inviting you simply don't
have room for guests to crowd around you. They will
walk up, make their request, and then go back to their
seat, all without you having to ask them to go away.
You can avoid the awkward conversation all together
by simply planning ahead a little bit.
Too Many Requests
It's sometimes a good idea to keep a pad and paper for
when you have simply too many people making
requests. You can tell them to write their requests
down, and that you'll get to them as soon as you can.
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