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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Sticky or “Post-It" notes can be really handy,
especially at an outdoor gig. You can stick them to
your table and not worry about your requests blowing
When you have a very large venue, it might be a good
idea to bring along some help. When I do a large
Karaoke event, another DJ friend of mine runs the
mixer board while I work the computer. I also bring
along a girl to handle the requests; she writes them
down for me, and I pull them up on the computer
while John makes sure the mic levels are under
This streamlined process really looks professional,
and will keep you from going crazy trying to do
everything yourself. You of course have to share some
of the money with your “roadies", but hopefully you
are charging more for a larger event.
Barroom Brawl
One situation you might run into is a fight at a bar or
club. If a fight breaks out, it's best to completely drop
the music and get someone's attention. Once the music
stops, people will notice the fight and, hopefully,
someone will try to break it up.
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