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Speaker Placement
Placement of your speakers is quite critical. How you
position your speakers can make cheap speakers
sound good, and it can make expensive speakers
sound inferior. There are a few things to take into
How large is the venue.
Will you be hosting Karaoke, or simply playing
Are you going to make a lot of announcements.
First, if the venue is large, the further apart you place
the speakers, the better. You want to attempt to cover
the entire venue as evenly as possible. By placing
your speakers further apart, you cover a larger area
with less sound volume.
What you are ultimately going for is
coverage –
making sure your sound is heard throughout the entire
room at a relatively even level. Don't be afraid to walk
around the room to pinpoint any “hot
spots" or “dead
zones". If you find any of these, the best solution is
“trial and
error", moving speakers or re-orienting
them until the entire room has, for the most part, the
same coverage.
It's always a good idea to show up early so that you
can do sound checks and make sure your speakers are
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