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So You Want To Be A DJ.
It's always perfectly acceptable to make changes to the
speaker placement during the gig if you later find
unanticipated problem areas, or as the crowd behavior
changes. As an example, if later in the night people
start dancing, you might decide to place one of your
speakers on the floor, facing the dance area, for a little
extra bass.
Outdoor Gigs
For an outdoor gig, the rules change a bit. First, you
will need a lot more sound volume to cover an
outdoor venue. Sound carries, but when you are
outside, there are no walls for the sound to reflect
upon. In this case, you want your speakers facing the
audience, but as far left and right of the DJ area as
possible. You might have your singer a bit further
back in a Karaoke gig, so that they are within range of
the speakers in order to hear themselves.
This is where an additional powered or wireless
speaker can be very handy; you can place it at the
of the party, as far away from the DJ table and
other speakers as possible, also facing in toward the
Keeping the Neighbors Happy
Always be mindful of your surroundings, especially
when working outdoors. Are you in a small
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